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I can’t play but it’s nice

Cool music but I can’t play the game

I’m in debt

This app is not worth it. They charged me for over 100 dollars worth of stuff and I only used this app 1 time. Rn I’m negative 17 dollars bc they stole my money with out telling me

Ad that pops up.

I was playing one of my games, and I got a ad from this game it really looked cool at first, so like any person who likes something I download it. When i downloaded i was very excited and happy. Then it asked me to pay. My sister and I were really happy. So please make this free and make people happy. And don’t at least put in the ad that it cost money. So people don’t get their hopes up. Thank you. -Alex

Don't add it

Nothing but ads. Not worth it in sure most of the high reviews are from their own. Seriously don't even spell and it. Truly crappy

Great app!!!

I’ve always wanted to make Dubstep music! I wish the other packs and sound effect didn’t cost money though :(

I love it

Great app


The app is pretty good so far. Good work!

It’s good

It’s a pretty cool app it can be a little bit better but dope for a app

I Can’t Log In!!!

Alright, I Reeeealy want to try this app, but I can’t log in at all!!!

Great app but some issues

I thought you would make your own sounds but you have to buy a certain pack to have almost every one




Cool game

Beat maker

It’s cool

Fake advertising

The app actually is 7.99 a month and not actually free

Trying to get your money misleading

Upon install app forces you to have to pay, then there is no way to move beyond prompt. Misleading App




Doesn’t even let you try it without signing up for a 14-day free trial. Forget that Nonsense, they bank on you forgetting to cancel. On to the next one (you can drop a beat to that sentence.)

Happiness turned into Sadness

I hate how you have to pay for different types of music now. It has made me sad. Uninstalling the app now. Everybody should uninstall the app now.


I was so excited to get this. I deleted all the games on my phone for this and for what? Just to find out I have to pay. I mean at least there’s a free trial for it, but still. I read other reviews on this game and they’re right. This game actually looked good and i was taking band soma little head start? No, cause it costs money. Don’t say it’s free if it’s not.

Thank ya ya know that’s how much she can do with them she ain’t even got to do

Thank ya ya know what you gotta was a great time and fun time isdigerufdufig

Great appp

Impress your friends with cool beats

It’s a scam

You have to pay 7.99 a month


Could be easier if tips of what beats go together and other tips would be helpful

So far it’s great

I enjoy messing with the pad in my studio very much. However it would be nice if I could take tracks from one section and use anywhere I want. Or mix between all of the sounds that are made and make my own beat pad



Beat maker Go is the bomb I love this app

I’m a drummer and I can’t get stop making up beats then putting them into raps if you like making music this is the app for you so download this app ASAP

Beat Maker Go

This is a fun app! Thank you! Wish it was free tho cuz I’m po.

سارتي ف القلب

من نيهاد البرازيلي🍫


This is a good game to play

Can’t get past the free trial

Downloaded this app and was disappointed to find out you can’t get past the “7 day free trial” without subscribing. Free is free, free is not “sign up and try This for 7 days and when you forget to cancel you’re charged a fee...” Disappointed..

Cool app

If u got the money to pay monthly on something u plan to use as a pass time by all means go head


This app contains predatory in app purchases. It says $7.99 on the page but it renews the purchase (charges again) every 2 days. The reviews are all paid for this app.

This could be great.. and yet..

Well I was really excited because this sounds really cool, but then when I open it I can’t do much because to do anything you have to pay for it and it’s not worth 8 dollars. I guess I’ll try something else. I advise you not to get this app.


It uh didn’t have audio. Help I want my audio back o.o

False advertisement

Seen the ad, liked the ad, downloaded the app as I saw it was “free” but was disappointed when I was setting it up and needed to pay to use it.

Absolute trash!

Spams me with wanting a subscription of $7.99 a week before I’ve even done anything. Instantly removed spammy dark UI pattern clickbait trash. Looked interesting, turned out to be a waste of time. Developers should be ashamed.

It’s horrible

When I saw the ad , it looked like a cool app , but when everything was limited unless you bought the subscription , the app is basically useless.

Don't get it a lie but read mine 😡

I get it and it so hard.You can hardly find a good beat.When you record it gives you like no time.I found I kinda good beat but then I record and it give me like 3 seconds and so I went fast and it sounded so bad I seriously covered my ears.And duh I didn't get the trial.But seriously if you get this game you are going to regret it.PEACE OUT!!!

8 dollars a week?!

What they don’t tell you is that it’s 8 dollars a week before you instal it that’s ridiculous I could have seen a few dollars for the app put before you can even test the app out they tell you to pay them and then you get to see if you want to keep it what a scam!


It’s a waste of money I wanted this to help with my rap songs but I’m not using 14.99 for it

Click Bait. Worst game ever

First am thinking it’s a free app and it may have ads but when ever thing is that you have to buy it’s not worth it thier like Ali-a


Why so much money this should be free it’s just a game I would buy it but I’m just a ten year old that has no money lol 😂😂

Change please

Make the 7.99 a week a ONE TIME PURCHASE then I give you a better review

I just want to make music for free

Allright I expected this to be a game where I can just make music yet when I click use the normal thing where you don’t have to pay and have some stuff that you don’t have boom it just puts 2 week trial in front of my face and won’t go away so I have to swipe up canceling everything


It’s not free. It has a free trial. But it’s only for 7-14 days.


I like it just one thing! it doesn’t seem like the type of app i should download and then have to pay for!


Ok so I was excited to play this game but apparently without telling me I have to actually pay to get the full song experience 😒. Ugh I hate these kind of games.


Yeah def should have a free version next to the actual thing just to get people on board with this service and 8$ a month??? Holy crap!!

Worst thing ever

I ding hate this stupid garbage app, everybody who made it deserve to be in prison for making such a terrible app

You’re gunna have to pay to play

Don’t bother with this one unless you’re willing to plunk down that monthly fee or a one time $50 charge.... wack as wack can be.

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