Beat Maker Go - Make Music App Reviews

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It’s ok

It’s fun, but I don’t like the fact that immediately as I open the app it asks me to buy a subscription




This is fun

Renews weekly

7.99 each time lost a fortune!!! Run away, never used



My music 🎶

I feel like it’s my style I love it 😍. Sike this is wack😆😆🤣🤣😆😆😏😏

7 day trial

When i downloaded this app I didn’t know that I was going to do the 7 day trial.


Need to pay to use anything

Gang members

After a mega around one as she done again as her knickers bra

Freemium isn’t free

Everything and I mean everything is behind a paywall, like really $50 for “lifetime access”? Or even $8 for the premium version is a bit ridiculous for a phone app that you’ll probably use a couple of times, so if you just want to press some buttons to make sounds, then watch ads and then get pushed to buy their premium version, not necessarily in that order.


I love it it’s the best game I ever played


Even though I’m 11 years old, this is an amazing app to learn or to get into music! I absolutely love love LOVE this app! With much love - Rowan 😘

Its cool

I fux w it

Is so cool to hip hop

I love it


Needs to lose payments



I like it

It’s a good app we’re you can practice making music of if you want to improve on it

There is a problem

Should not be premium songs.


Love it


Love the songs

How cool it is

I like the beat and the songs And also I like the beach or you can make for your own

Cool beats on a tablet

So awesome though should have more stuff for non pros


Great beats

A couple improvements 🙃

I love beat maker go and I’m always on it, especially in my free time. However, there could be a few improvements. 1. When I am recording and the game loops the music, it loops my song a bit too early. To solve this problem there should be a loop button when your ready. 2. A lot of the different generes of music are locked. I understand that you need to make money this way but, not that many need to be locked. These 2 problems may not seem like a lot, but the have a HUGE effect on the game. Thank you, and goodbye.


It’s not even free it said I need to pay to Do this it’s stupid I’m not paying for an app that I don’t really need

I love this


Easy Apple pie

Please see description


Bro like this app and game is so fun and amazing like foreal the beats are awsome


Love it



How do I play all my tracks at once?

It’d be a great app if I knew how to play all the tracks I made at once.



Wife Deterrent. I’m sold.

When I really wanna piss my wife off and drop a dope beat to freestyle on her with, I kick off this app and everything’s a go. Even her. She leaves the room immediately and I get to spend hours playing Fortnite. Love this app. Never fails me.

Very fun

It is a pretty decent appI recommend it.




You got me a job

Awesome but more songs please

Your app is great but I think you need to add more songs for free I can’t really afford that much money but I think it is a great app for beets.

So awesome.

I like how you can make your own music.

Is it good sound ?

It’s is perfect and really good love it

Help in what it needs

I like but you need to make more stuff free so not a lot of people will play but you should think of having the songs sung by the artist get what I’m saying


How do you start the app with out paying??


It is awesome and amazing

So awesome

Such a great app

Beat maker go

You press blocks to make a beat Makes a beat


Good app

Amazing 😉

This game is amazing I love the beats and I guess song you can make with it! There is only one problem I never get the chance to practice much so I make not so great beats and I just sit there figuring out how this works I love the games too I have a suggestion but idk if y’all want but here it is anyway make a beat battle you know like someone makes a beat then someone tries to BEAT that beat audience judging to see who won ya see what I did there with the beat thing anyway just letting ya know if ya can k bye wonderful game.

I love it

It’s cool and awesome



It’s awe some

It’s so awesome



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