Beat Maker Go - Make Music App Reviews

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I Love it

Will be taking advantage of it a lot more so I can make a few beats here and there I only made one beat Ima be making more soon



Dope APP

So far so good.🧐🙅🏾‍♂️

Iove it ♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘

I love this game so much it’s so addictive 😚

Sweet options

Highly recommended

Brb lol


Cool stuff


Wish I could give this piece of garbage negative stars

Not worth the ridiculous price tag. Garage band for IOS (The amazing free software) has more functionality than this utter trash Download it for the free trial, then write a scathing review. These developers deserve it.


This is a great app for everyone to make a beat...I definitely recommend this.


This app is lit And I really love it

Beat maker

The best app for making beats whenever I like to make beats


Cool beat maker

Love it

I love it so much add more trap my fav is Aribian trap I want more like that.



Fun app

This an awesome app to pass the time and have fun making all types and genres of beats and tempos. However not recommended for any professional use or actual song producing, not enough editing options for that. Still fun though!

This app allows you to make any kind of music you want!!!

Try to make your own music!!


I would like to cancel my subscription thank you



So limited

Very disappointed with lack of controls and features. Takes dumb down to a whole new low. Not even quantiZes. Refund anyone?


This game is amazing it’s so fun


I love it but u have to sigh in

Great work

The app is simple keep it up great work

I love it

It works amazing but to be honest. I’m bummed out causes I don’t have the money to keep on going though :/ but thank you guys for the trial seriously thank you!!! For giving me the time and days to create such art! Thank you guys!

I like it

I love it... that is all




ITS ASOME!!!!!!!!!!

What you could improve

If anyone actually reads this you could make it not so expensive to pay for after the subscription ends

Stop it

$7.99 a week??????????????! STOP IT!


Way to glitchy


This app rocks


Good but not the best

Could use some work

I give this app a four stars because I feel that the items exclusive only to the premium members is a bit bogus. although I do understand that getting people to sign up for the premium membership is one of the only ways you get money, since the app is free. It would have been a little bit better if you were able to record your voice without a membership as well, but the main reason is that there is such a wide and vast verities of music to chose from but alas they are almost all exclusive to the premium members, BUT OVER ALL GREAT APP BIG THANKS TO THE CREATOR OR CREATORS OF THIS APP!!!!!!!!!! -toxickookiez476 A.K.A DuBk1Ng476⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


So i love love love making music but it’s been so HARD finding the right app then I was sad playin one of my games and I don’t know how but this ad popped up about 3 times in a row and I was like “ fine this better b good “ so I got it and so far it’s been SOOOOO good. So I would recommend this app for music makers. Peace out!!!

It’s cool

But being charged to use a app that doesn’t initially say it charges for you to have to waste your time and energy to download then delete . Alil annoying. Good luck free apps are better use big companies for advertisement let them pay so it’s free

Good app

It’s a good app


Please add punk


awesome game love it 😜😜😜😜😜


Great app. I really enjoyed playing with the professional sound of it.


Sure, the app is free, but you can only access the features with a Subscription which... costs MONEYYYYYY💰

Pretty fun to use

Love this app

This is Fliping awesome

I rate it five stars because it has awesome music and you can make your own to or both together. You can also share it on Facebook and messages.

I love BeatMakerGo

Thanks so muck whoever made this game I’m pleased with it thanks again


32 dollars a month? Haha


It is ok but it could be improved by not restricting so many features to premium.


I LOVE IT I like making beats

I thought it was semi-free at least

It won't even let you try it out without buying a subscription. Basically the quickest deleting of it up ever for me!


I like this app



looooove it

i found an ad for this while playing a game on my ipad and looking at the sounds produce from the device the person was using i was really interested and drawn it into it, and now that i have the app myself its even better than i originally thought i've never clicked on ads till now and im SO glad that it popped up or else i wouldnt have known this app existed yes thank you for creating this lovely app, its great and i hope others think its great too 👍

Nice sounds

I like how you can save samples in MP3 and put them on your DAW tracks 🤭

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